1. No propaganda of any kind

2. Please be always respectful and friendly to other players (think before you write or speak) and don't build too close to buildings of other players (keep a distance of approximately 100 blocks) unless you have the agreement of the owner.

3. It´s forbidden to destroy or loot bases of other players.

4. It´s not allowed to claim Prefabs and tunnels, even though it´s only a crappy and useless house. It´s also not allowed to destroy these Prefabs and tunnels. Keep a distance of approximately 50 blocks measured from the claim boundary to the first wall of the prefabs

5. Don´t mine and claim under/in the cities region files.

6. Players are not allowed to place random landclaims on the map.

7. Only PVE server

8. Buildings that are built on roads/paths will be deleted by us without replacement. Spikes and other things also have no place on roads/paths..

9. It´s not allowed to destroy lootcontainers. (Except cars, they respawn)

10. The chat and voice language is German or English

11. It´s forbidden to advertise other servers or websites.

12. You have to follow the orders given by the admins, if not, you will be banned

13. No Bug using. If you are using bugs (detection via manager-tracking), you will get banned

14. Don´t collapse big areas,as this will severely impact the server's

15. Don't use the "teleport to a friend" function if he/she is in one of the server own minigames ( Dungeon, Sprungturm ect.) or you will be banished forever.

16. Don't build within 100 m to a tradingpost. This will cause the disappearance of the trader sooner or later.

17. Don't spend the bloodmoonnight in all Server Buildings. If you don't follow this rule, you will be banned.

18. Spending hordes' nights in cities is also forbidden. whether on the street or in an open field in the city. These are also POIs since the 20th!

19. The logout shortly before Bloodmoon has consequences, either log out long before or deny the Horde night (lates 20:30)

20. Vehicles of any kind (including gyrocopters) MUST be packed before logging out.

21. Killing zombies and looting buildings in which another player is knowingly running a quest is prohibited

22. Digging in the regionfile of the packingstation is prohibited. No exception!!!

23. Holes that have been dug must be sealed again, whether for treasure, quests, or digging for ores. In addition, it is important to keep a distance to bases (minimum 50 blocks)

24: It is forbidden to accuse players of something without being able to prove it in any way. The proof lies with us and not with the manager.

Teamspeak rules

1. Don´t upload any offensive pictures

2. No propaganda

3. The behavior should be respectful and friendly.

4. It´s possible to get banned if you break the rules 1 or 2

5. Use the appropriate channel chat, only in cases of an emergency

6. If you upload pictures, you have to observance rule 1. We “clean” the TS3 server regularly, so be sure that you saved all of your data. (we aren´t a cloud)

7. You are only allowed to create temporary channels.

8. Your nickname in TeamSpeak should be the same as ingame, but you can add an extra name.

9. “Channel-hopping” (coming and leaving of the channels in a short period of time) is forbidden.

10. You are only allowed to record conversations if everybody agrees. If somebody doesn´t agree, you´re not allowed to do so.

11. Please use the AFK-channel, if you go afk for a longer time. Short absences should be announced in the channel.

12. It´s mandatory to follow orders given by admins or mods.

13. Every type of advertisement is forbidden.

14. An admin will never ask you for private information.

15. Please don´t play music in the channel. You aren´t allowed to connect bots with TS3. Only in some particular channels; it´s allowed to connect bots. But you may only connect them, if there is no other bot in the channel

16. Everybody has to follow these rules. If you see somebody braking one of these rules, please report it to an admin.

17. A kick or ban is never without reason, but if you think that a kick or ban is inappropriate, you should inform the admins.

Forum Rules

1. The behavior should be respectful and friendly.

2. If you have any problems, contact one of our admins or create a new topic in the forum

3. The shoutbox is available for short messages. If you have problem you can also open a ticket (Home->Ticketsystem)

4. No advertisement for other servers, or the thread will be deleted

5.Only vote one time if we open a poll. If you use more accounts for voting it will result in a permanent ban. Any violation might lead to a ban.

6. Files that are made available by us (e.g. the download) are only intended for our servers and not for use on third-party servers.

We reserve the right to make changes to these rules at any point in time.