Nice that you have found us. Here we would like to introduce ourselves and our servers.

  • At the moment there are three PVE - servers. The team consists of two active admins (Mamabaer & Papabaer) and two mods (Koerke & Zyncosa). Papabaer is responsible for the server maintenance, mods, delivery and also the tickets. Mamabaer for the texts, the forum and also the ticket system. Also the player support. Zyncosa and Koerke zu make the delivery and minor problems on the servers,
  • You will find special mod items on our servers, which are only available here. On the top right of the home page there is a download button. There you can download our mod file, so you can see our pictures and use the keybox variants in our own server prefabs.
  • The server settings look like this:
  • There are 100 zombies maximum set, with Bloodmoon 16 per player. Loot renews every 7 days. Landclaim Deadzone is set at 100 blocks. Each player can use 4 claims.
  • PVE 1: Difficulty level 3, daily duration 60 minutes, Feral Sense off
  • PVE 2: Difficulty level 4, daily duration 90 minutes, Feral Sense off
  • PVE 3: Difficulty level 3, daily duration 90 minutes, Feral Sense on
  • Server restarts are announced five minutes in advance. They are at 2 a.m., 6 a.m. 10 a.m., 2 p.m., 6 p.m. and 10 p.m.
  • The claim size is *41, that is 20 in each direction from the claim block, endless up and down. They have a duration of 21 days. After that they become inactive. Each player can stake 4 claims, on the 5th the first becomes inactive, on the 6th the 2nd and so on.
  • Upon death, you lose the belt.
  • Our zombies run from 10 p.m. - 4 a.m. During the day they run from a certain gamestage (zombie movement daytime walk, night: sprint, feral movement: sprint, zombie blood moon movement: sprint. Zombie difficulty level is set to Normal).
  • The community is great and very helpful. It's not just about gaming here, there are a few things to keep in mind:
  • Please read the rules. Ignorance will not protect you from punishment. If you join one of our servers, you confirm that you know the rules.
  • Inactive claims and bases will be deleted as soon as the claim expires. Claims that are placed too close to prefabs & cities will also be removed.
  • Once a month uninhabited region files will be reset. If your base is not claimed, it may be gone.
  • Players who have not been on the server for more than two months will be deleted. Of course they are welcome to come back, but then they have to start over.
  • Players who have not been on the website for more than three months AND were only active on the day of registration and players who have not been on the website for two years will also be deleted.
  • Items lost due to bugs or server crashes will not be replaced by us. Also there is no support for vehicles!!! Requests in this matter will be ignored by us.
  • Vehicles of any kind (including gyrocopters & drones) should be packed up before logging out. (additional info in the forum -> Fahrzeuge). We will delete them in irregular intervals, because otherwise they stand around on the whole map.
  • In the wiki you can find all info about mod items, zombies and the server commands.
  • For problems or other questions to us admins we have a contact form, which you can find at Support. This can be used without registration. Problems that are not reported via this form will be ignored by us. We do not answer any PNs neither on the website nor in Discord.
  • We only wipe at each alpha if possible, unless it becomes absolutely necessary to do so.
  • When starting a new alpha, after a wipe, the server is initially vanilla. The mod items are then gradually added back.
  • Reset zones are in every region file where parts of a city can be found. You can see them if you use our livemap (registration required).
  • Our trees respawn through a mod, so there are no seeds from chopped down trees. However, there are small saplings left that you will have to dig under if you want to remove them completely, for example if you are building there. So don't dig them under for fun, because they won't come back.
  • In the store, the purchase prices are displayed in euros. However, in the further ordering process you can pay with the homepage currency 'kronkorken'!!!
  • If you use our TeamSpeak for the FIRST time, you have to start an increasing of the security level. This takes about 10 minutes. This is similar to Discord, there you can also join after 10 minutes.
  • Streaming is allowed and welcome. For streamers there is now also a Streamer-Guide, which you should please read!!! (Streamer-Guide)

Have fun playing

Your admins